Buck Budgie Stealth Run Pays Homage to Avian Namesake

Ornithologists, this one’s for you: Buck dropped a limited stealth run of the Budgie. It’s called the Mango Bird Budgie, and it stands out from the flock with an eye-popping coloration that is true to its namesake.

The Budgie (the knife), was one of the stars of Buck’s 2021 product drop. The sole new US-made folder from Buck that year, it was cute, capable, and compact, another result of Buck’s increasing interest in modern folding knife design. The Budgie came with S35VN steel, a G-10 front scale, and a stainless steel frame lock, all for a reasonable MSRP of $100.

The money clip style pocket clip is present and accounted for on the Mango Bird

The Budgie (the bird), also known as the budgerigar, also also known as the parakeet, is a tiny bird that was first discovered in the 19th century. The common budgie’s color scheme is the flamboyant pairing of yellow head and bright green body. The first Buck Budgie sported a more mundane coloration than its namesake, but this stealth run embraces the avian aesthetic, with a full body cerakote consisting of green, yellow, and red-orange sections.

The change is undoubtedly a head-turner. It’s a fun riff that’s more about aesthetics than performance, but there are two ways in which the colorful decoration does affect the design. First, there’s the innate rust-warding properties of Cerakote – that’s what it’s usually applied to a knife to help with, after all. But Cerakote can’t be applied to G-10, so instead of that synthetic, the front scale is made from aluminum – change number two.

That blade, is still made from S35VN. A solid steel in any circumstance, but one that, coming from Buck, benefits from the Paul Bos heat treat, extracting as much performance as possible from the now-venerable super steel.

The Mango Bird Budgie is available now, in a limited run of 825 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: Buck Mango Bird Budgie

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