Town Cutler Kitchen Knives Blend Beauty and Utility

Town Cutler has been honing its particular style of enthusiast-grade kitchen cutlery for more than a decade. Their knives emphasize hand-finished details and the beauty of both synthetic and natural handle materials.

Like all kitchen knife lines, Town Cutler offers the classic Chef Knife – here in their lineup, it comes in two different sizes, 7 or 8.5 inches. Both exhibit a Western chef knife profile, with their center tip and curving edge; but other options in the Town Cutler catalog are informed by Eastern cutlery philosophy. There’s a Nakiri, for instance, a classic Japanese vegetable knife, which has an almost chisel-like profile.

Town Cutler founder Galen Garretson is a former professional chef, so it’s no surprise that his shop also produces more specialized kitchen tools. The 7.5-inch Chopper model is one such, a real beast with a very wide profile and an edge drops way below the handle, providing huge leverage and clearance for breaking down large quantities of foodstuff. Boning knives, bread knives, and of course a paring knife are all on tap as well.

All models come with the same blade steel: Nitro-V. This formulation gets its name from the Nitrogen added to its formula. Nitrogen is an attractive element for knife steel because it boosts stain resistance like Chromium would, but without affecting edge retention (which is a side effect of Chromium’s presence in a steel). Naturally, in a kitchen environment where a knife is expected to work hard around lots of acidic material, striking that balance between corrosion resistance and edge retention is key.

All of these performance considerations are made alongside aesthetic decisions that help Town Cutler’s work stand out. Located in the Reno, Nevada, they tap deep into the Southwestern aesthetic. The Baja series evokes the Mexican serape with its multi-hued G-10 scales; meanwhile if you’re interested in natural materials, the Desert Dawn and Tahoe Bliss series pair Buckeye Burl halves with dark grey or metallic blue resin components, respectively.

Town Cutler expanded their dealership recently and their knives are available now. Their next big project is the eXo series, which adds a smoky Cerakote to the blade for added corrosion resistance.

Knife in Featured Image: Town Cutler Kitchen Knives

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