New Snecx Design Smallest Ever to be Equipped with Superlock

Today cutting edge knife designer Snecx Tan revealed a production prototype for the We Tyro, a knife that has been in the works for some time. The Tyro, the smallest production design yet from Tan, sees his Superlock mechanism implemented on a sub-3 inch blade for the very first time.

Snecx Tan has always been an appreciator of larger knives. The IFS-20, the extremely limited custom knife that brought Tan’s name and talent , sported a 3.6-inch blade. The Buster, his second release, produced in collaboration with Jake Hoback, was even bigger at 4.125 inches long. The Vision FG, probably the most well-known and certainly the most widely available Snecx design as it released in full production under both WE and Civivi flavors, was smaller than these two but still a full-sized knife at 3.54 inches of blade.

The Tyro is markedly, purposely smaller than those knives, and it took a long time to perfect, specifically because Tan had to go in and rework the geometry on his Superlock mechanism to strike the right balance between toughness and usability – Tan wanted to ensure his knife had the signature toughness of the Superlock, but still retain the smoothness of engagement and disengagment that’s a key feature as well. He first showed pictures of early Tyro prototypes six months ago and now it looks like it is ready for full production at least.

There is no custom version of the Tyro and it will be going straight into production with We Knife Co. – which means that you know what materials to expect, more or less. The Tyro’s compact, skeletonized handle scales are made from titanium, and the blade is made from CPM-20CV, a standard bearer super steel in the We Knife Co. corral. No weight has been given yet but given the size, materials, and heavy skeletonization this one looks like it will be quite svelte indeed.

No release date on the Tyro yet, and no news as to whether or not it will be traveling to Atlanta next month. Similarly, while a Civivi version certainly seems likely given that the aformentioned Vision FG appeared under both labels, no version for Civivi has been shown at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Tyro

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