Boker and Ramon Chaves Team up for Automatic Mini Redencion

There’s a pretty slick Ramon Chaves model coming down the pike from Boker. Rolling out under the main line, the Mini Redencion, modeled after the definitive Chaves Knives model, is not only smaller than its inspiration, but incorporates an entirely different deployment mechanism.

Chaves’s work is all about brash, beefy blades and tanklike handles; not surprisingly, most of his models bring pretty big blade lengths to bear, north of three inches and often over the 3.5 mark. The Boker Mini Redencion, however, is a little guy. Although its shape is the Chaves signature wide drop point, its total length is just 2.48 inches.

That situates it firmly in daily carry camp, and in that role it should still be able to accomplish most, if not all, of the usual chores associated with that designation – especially when you consider that this is the latest Boker knife to be made from CPM-MagnaCut. You (almost certainly) know it, you (probably) love it, MagnaCut is the definitive current-gen super steel, and since its debut has gone on to become one of the standards by which other steels and their properties are evaluated.

Perhaps most interesting about the Mini Redencion’s blade is its opening/locking mechanism: this is the latest in a very small, select sub-category from Boker: the Solingen-made automatic knife. The company puts out its fair share of autos to be sure, but most of these are under the Plus line and made either in Taiwan or the USA. Anyway, production factoids aside, this one works just like you’d think: pressing the button the front scale fires the blade out and into the locked position, and pressing it again whiel open disengages the lock to allow for closure.

The mechanical elements are housed in an aluminum handle that, like the blade, reproduces quite nicely the profile lines of the Chaves Knives line model. The wide, squared profile fills the hand and the groove beneath the guard helps guide the user’s grip to where it needs to be. Chaves admirerers will also be glad to hear that his signature wide skull pocket clip has been carried onto this Boker model. The Mini Redencion weighs 1.86 oz.

As far as availability in North America, no word yet for the Mini Redencion. But Boker’s European website has it slated for release over there on June 3rd.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Mini Redencion

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