Sencut Line Grows in June with Release of the Excalis

June will see a new knife roll out from Sencut, the younger sibling label to We Knife Co. and Civivi. It’s called the Excalis, and it follows a similar mandate as a recent Civivi model in delivering a competent, all-arounder everyday carry.

In an earlier article on the incoming Civivi Regulatron, we described that knife as a “dead simple EDC folder.” The same descriptor can very much be applied to the Excalis, although it does sport a bit more visual flair than its stripped back compatriot. Its 2.97-inch blade, for instance, flaunts your textbook EDC edge profile (a little straight edge, a little belly, a good tip), but with the added embellishment of a harpoonish swedge. Opened with either thumb stud or flipper, the Excalis’ blade is made from 9Cr18MoV, an entry-level stainless near in performance to its relation 8Cr13MoV, which for many years was the de facto budget knife steel from just about every manufacturer other than Boker.

You might recognize the perforated handle look from other We/Civivi/Sencut models

The handle, similarly, is a fundamentally simple shape with some very mild, but tasteful, styling. That underlying shape itself is common not only with the We/Civivi/Sencut family, but in the industry at large; we’d go so far as to say that, if modern folders had an accepted catalog of handle profiles like traditional knives do, this shape, with a mild arch with a forward guard, would be one of the mainstays in that catalog. The scales on the Excalis, which can be made from G-10, Micarta, or guibourtia wood scales depending on the variation you choose, have a series of perforations across their length; this is kind of a signature look among the We/Civivi/Sencut models; you see it on knives like the Vision FG, the Nexusia, even on fixed blades like the Circulus.

Mechanics- and fixings-wise, its very much business as usual on Excalis. Underneath the off-side scale there is a liner lock leaf, and the pocket clip, the line-standard loop over deep carry number, can be swapped to either side. The Excalis is not a heavy knife by any means, but it does have a bit of heft to it overall, entering the ring at 3.93 oz.

The Excalis will be available for purchase next month. It may be on the table at Blade Show too, you never know.

Knife in Featured Image: Sencut Excalis

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