Olamic Introduces Small Knife with Extensive Options

Olamic Cutlery is releasing its third, smallest mid-tech knife to date, the Busker. Customers can choose from three different blade shapes, countless handle scale configurations, and deploy the fidget-friendly EDC knife in more than 10 different ways.

Until now, Olamic’s mid-tech blades landed in the mid-to-large size class. The Wayfarer 247 and Swish sported cutting edges over 3.5 inches long and weighed over 4 oz. The Busker targets the small EDC category, with a widely-legal 2.3-inch cutting edge and weight of 3 oz. According to the company’s Eugene Solomonik, managing to fit the mechanical elements into this compact 3.5-inch frame took some doing. “As far as getting it to work correctly it was actually a much bigger challenge.”

Customers can have the Busker with one of three different blade shapes. As default is the Semper, a modified sheepsfoot blade. The Largo option functions similarly but sports a wider profile and slightly blunter tip. “That broad, cleaver shape has been very popular lately,” Solomonik notes. Finally, the quirky Vampo style is more specialized. “Probably one percent of Buskers are going to end up with it,” says Solomonik. “It’s just a fun blade shape. But it isn’t non-functional.” He tells us it particularly excels at skinning and draw cuts, somewhat like a karambit.

The multiple blade shapes fold out through more than 10 different deployment methods – many of which Solomonik acknowledges are just for fun. When using the knife, most will either kick it out with the front flipper or use the opening oval. But when simply playing with the Busker, users will find plenty of other techniques to play around with. Solomonik and his team aimed to design a knife that brought the fidget factor to new heights. “It’s really hard to put it down. And that’s connected to the size of it and all the different opening options,” he says.

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Of course, Olamic opened the doors on Busker customizations. Solomonik says the full suite of options available on the Wayfarer 247 and Swish are available on the Busker too. He also disclosed that a fourth blade shape is in the works. “It’s going to get one more blade shape for sure. We know what it’s going to be, more or less.”

Knife featured in image: Olamic Cutlery Busker