TRC Knives Elevates Splinter EDC Fixed Blade

Lithuanian manufacturer TRC Knives is rolling out the XS Splinter Deluxe, an updated version of their successful EDC blade. The latest version of this fixed blade pattern features subtle, but crucial refinements to help it appeal to TRC’s growing audience as the company moves into its 10th year in the business.

The XS Splinter Deluxe follows in the footsteps of two popular TRC models, the XS Splinter and the Splinter 120, its larger companion blade. “After the big success from the Splinter 120 and XS Splinter models, we have decided to change a couple details,” explains Andrius Tricius, the man behind TRC Knives. But on uncomplicated fixed blade designs, a handful of gentle tweaks can make a big difference. Here, they turn the work-ready Splinter design into an improved fixed blade product. “We consider the XS Deluxe a sequel, “ Tricius says. “The older XS model is the obvious predecessor, but nonetheless this feels like a brand new knife.”

The 3.78-inch bladed XS Splinter Deluxe sees its blade stock thinned to just .1 inches thick, backed by a saber-style grind to maintain durability. TRC complimented the new blade geometry with a massive steel upgrade. Standard Splinter models use N690Co blade steel, but on the XS Deluxe it has been replaced by M390 super steel. “This is recognized as one of the best steels in the market, having very few competitors who able to show similar performance,“ Tricius explains.

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Further refinements occur throughout the handle. “The handle and tang design is changed so the tang portion is slightly raised from the scales, giving [the knife] a more luxurious look and comfortable fit in users’ hands,“ Tricius tells us. New jimping on the spine increases control for detail-oriented EDC cutting or even some more rugged tasks. “The thin profile of the handle makes it a beautiful, classic EDC or a fancy skinning knife.“ Polished Micarta scales and pins replace the more workmanlike finish on first generation models. Instead of the standard Kydex number the XS Splinter Deluxe comes with an Italy-made leather sheath.

The XS Splinter Deluxe is arriving with select European dealers already, with more to follow globally. Tricius notes that fans can expect further releases next year, some of which will use M390 super steel. “Feeling the rising demand, we will make more knives from this steel in 2018.”