Olamic Takes to the Kitchen with the Silhouette Chef’s Knife

February has been a big month for Olamic, as the premium knife company broke into the kitchen cutlery genre with the Silhouette. As befits Olamic’s reputation for high-end, hand-finished pieces, the Silhouette brings all sorts of aesthetic finesse to its solid chef’s knife fundamentals.

The Silhouette’s blade profile is a beaut: a sweeping, stylish, Western chef’s knife drop point, with a nice, gradual belly and center-aligned tip. At 7.5 inches it’s on the smaller end for a chef’s knife, which can mosey up into the 10+ inch range; but that makes it nimble and easier to use for those whose kitchen knife skills are still developing, without impacting its capabilities in any meaningful way for the experts out there.

The Silhouette in its sheath

The steel is MagnaCut, darling of the production knife world; and while we may associate it with folding knives, given that is what most of us enthusiasts enthuse about most, some of the first test knives in the stuff before it hit the market were kitchen knives. In keeping with MagnaCut’s do-all nature, its formulation provides all the things users will want in a good kitchen knife steel, with edge retention nice and high and stain resistance that’s so good it appears on lots of knives designed for use in and around saltwater.

The handle, like the blade, favors sweeping lines, with a sinuous shape and a massive finger choil. The scales are another standout feature, a psychedelic-looking custom fiber, adorned with rings of white and black, and flecks of blue throughout. Corby bolts keep it in place and there’s even a lanyard hole on the tapered butt end; we’re not really into putting lanyards on our chef’s knives but if you take it out on a camping trip or similar you might appreciate the feature. The Silhouette comes with a leather sheath, stamped with the Olamic logo.

The Silhouette is available now, with some low serial number models still remaining.

Knife in Featured Image: Olamic Cutlery Silhouette

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