CRKT Surprises with Three New Models on Site Today

Surprise: CRKT just revealed three new knife models on their site, all from Alan Folts. Two smaller versions of another recent Folts design, and a new premium folder are on tap this time.

Ritual Compact

The original Ritual arrived with a splash in 2021; even in a crowd of new blades it was impossible not to notice its 4.37-inch, scimitar-like cutting edge and radical handle profile. If you liked the Ritual, but it was too big for your tastes (or just want to expand your collection), you’ll be happy to see the Ritual Compact, which drops the blade length by a whole inch. That makes this version much easier to carry, and probably better suited to standard daily carry chores.

The Ritual Compact is dropping in two flavors. First up there is the standard model [see featured image at the top of the page], which has 14C28N steel and a brown burlap Micarta scale and bronzed steel bolster; if you want to go all out, however, you can upgrade to the premium Ritual Compact (image above), which has a damascus steel blade and bolster, and scales made from coarse-patterned, blue/black carbon fiber.


The two Ritual Compacts are joined by the Obverse, a brand new Folts design that, like its family members, goes bold when it comes to blade shape. It’s a sharp-looking sheepsfoot, measuring 3.36 inches and made from M390 steel, landing this one, like the damascus Ritual Compact, in CRKT’s premium knife category.

The same blue/black carbon fiber is used for the scale on this knife too, and it too has a bolster, albeit made from titanium. Its liners (including the liner lock side) are anodized blue to match the flecks in the carbon fiber and the color of the pocket clip.

CRKT says these knives will arrive soon.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Ritual Compact

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