Opinel Rolls Out Four New Limited Edition No. 8 Models

Opinel is keeping up a relatively brisk release schedule this fall, with four new variations on their iconic No. 8 folding knife now available. The Ellipse leads the charge, and is joined by three Edition Amour models.


Opinel took inspiration for the Ellipse from, well, the elliptical shape; the definitive characteristic of this model is the oval inlaid in aluminum foil across the back of the handle and butt end. Opinel plays with multiple different woods for their knives’ one piece handles, and the Ellipse is made from ebony. The uncoated stainless steel blade, made from 12C27N like all Opinel inox models, contrasts against the subdued shade of the handle.

Edition Amour Folders

For the Edition Amour, Opinel partnered with three different artists from around the world to create custom handle artwork for the No. 8 pattern. All three artists were instructed to work under a particular theme, in this case (you guessed it) ‘love.’ Berlin-based Andrea Wan, Lisbon’s Kruella D’Enfer, and French artist Franck Pellegrino all contributed designs to the series. Like the Ellipse, the Edition Amour knives are all inox models sporting 12C27N steel.

The four new No. 8 variants come close after Opinel’s big reveal of a new kitchen knife line, the Collection Les Forg√©s. They are available now in limited, numbered runs. The Ellipse run consists of 4,000 pieces with a price tag of $120, while each of the Edition Amour knives runs to 8,000 pieces and costs $40.

Knife in Featured Image: Edition Amour No. 8 by Kruella D’Enfer