Ostap Hel Adds Tiny Torx Tool to the Civivi Lineup

Custom maker and collaboration hotshot Ostap Hel is back with a fresh new production piece for Civivi – but this time it’s not a knife. The incoming Key Bit is a portable, keychain-based tool for adjusting your knives on the go.

The Key Bit is a straightforward little gadget. It looks like a capsule, with a two-part chassis that unscrews in the middle to reveal the driver itself. The driver can be removed and turned around to swap between Torx sizes 6 and 8. In a typical We Knife Co./Civivi touch, the capsule body is made from titanium, available in three different colors: blue, bronze, or gray. A replaceable rubber o-ring around the base of the threads wards off wear and tear, and ensures a smooth opening and closing.

If you’re new to the knife world, please take our word for it: it’s only a matter of time before you start wanting to disassemble and otherwise maintain the blades in your collection. And once you do, you’ll see that Torx screws are ubiquitous in the hobby, being the most common type of hardware for holding the various pieces of folders (and fixed blades) together. These screws vary from knife to knife, but 6 and 8 are two of the most common sizes. The Key Bit could form part of an at-home knife toolkit, but it probably isn’t quite enough for serious, in-depth maintenance. Instead, we think its portability means that it will be on hand if you’re out and about and notice a wobbly pivot or rattling handle screw. The included keyring ensures that you can always keep the Key Bit on hand when you’re away from your work table.

This is the first pocket tool-style release from Ostap Hel under the Civivi line, but he does have other experience in the genre. Hel created a fire starter for Real Steel Knives and, on the custom side of things, he is well-known for the Mjolnir, a brass knuckle style tool that has seen three different iterations, and been made in several exotic materials.

The Key Bit is available now.

Featured Image: Civivi Key Bit