SOG Commemorates 35th Anniversary with New Vision XR LTE

SOG is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2021, and doing so in style with the release of a limited edition knife called the Vision XR LTE. This one comes decked out with high-end materials on both the blade and handle, and features the LTE style construction first seen on the Terminus and Kiku.

The standard Vision XR debuted in 2020, part of a series of major overhauls SOG gave to its core models and entire brand. The Vision XR was based off the original Vision, a knife that released in 1999 to an immediately positive reception, winning the Best Imported Knife award at Blade Show that same year. It became canonized as a core part of the SOG lineup, and was the wellspring for a series of spinoff releases in the ensuing years.

Then came the big XR renovation in 2020. The Vision XR was a comprehensive redesign, equipped with SOG’s patented XR Lock as the mechanical centerpiece. Looking at this special edition, most of the changes between it and the standard Vision XR are in the materials. The blade steel is still CTS-XHP, but here it has been given a tiger stripe camo coating, and is only available in plain edge. Instead of G-10 scales, this LTE has full sculpted titanium ones, with carbon fiber liners underneath. It is this last feature that moves this version of the Vision XR into the LTE sub-category, and it is the first knife from SOG’s Professional series of tactical knives to do so. The LTE designation implies a focus on lightweight construction, although this limited edition, with its full titanium scales, is a little heavier than the standard Vision XR, tipping the scales at 5 oz. even compared to 4.53 oz. for the standard.

A look at the commemorative coin included with the Vision XR LTE

As a collector piece, the Vision XR LTE comes with a commemorative coin and a hard case for storage. SOG is limiting this knife to just 350 pieces, and it will be sold directly through them. But if you miss out on this one, SOG hints that there may be elements of the 35 Year Vision XR LTE that will resurface in other ways in the near future. “The opportunity to re-imagine the Vision comes at a special moment in our history and allows us to take one of our favorite knives and bring it into the 21st century,” says Jonathan Wegner, Vice President of Brand for SOG. “It also gives us an opportunity to use materials and technical advancements that will surface in the coming months on some of our new products.”

Knife in Featured Image: SOG Vision XR LTE 35 Year Edition