SOG Strengthens XR Lineup with Three New Releases

SOG continues its development of a new brand direction with another batch of releases. These knives are all refinements of existing designs, and also outfitted with SOG’s proprietary XR Lock.

Vision XR

Like the other two new models, the Vision XR falls under SOG’s Professional category. It’s designed for hard work, and sports sturdy construction from tip to tail. The previous iteration of the Vision had a 4-inch blade that could be had in either a tanto or a recurve drop point shape. The new XR model brings the blade down to 3.4 inches, and for now at least is only available in a tanto shape. The blade steel has received a major upgrade, moving from VG-10 to CTS-XHP, which should provide a boost in edge retention and toughness.

While the blade has become smaller, the handle profile on the new Vision is a bit burlier than that of its predecessor. Instead of GRN we have G-10 over stainless steel liners, and a loop over (but not deep carry) pocket clip. All in all, it’s just a bit heavier than the older Vision, at 4.53 vs. 4.20 oz.


Whereas it is easy to see the family lineage between the Vision XR and its predecessor, the SOG-Tac XR is radically different from the rest of its family, with a totally revised handle and blade shape. It follows in the footsteps of the Terminus when it comes to pricing, coming in with a sub-$100 MSRP. That being said, as a Professional class release, the SOG-Tac XR’s intended application tends more towards rough duty; its 3.4-inch D2 blade and meaty handle should be able to live up to its designation.

Pentagon XR

We first saw this folding version of the Pentagon fixed blade at the beginning of the year, and now it’s arriving on dealers’ shelves. The Pentagon XR is the biggest of these three new knives, edging out the others with a 3.5-inch dagger-style blade. When the prototype was shown, the steel was slated to be S35VN, but it looks like SOG has swapped over to CTS-XHP – a change that probably won’t disappoint many, if any, users.

All three knives are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: SOG Vision XR