Benchmade Kicks off Artist Series with Casey Underwood Collab

Benchmade is starting a new project they’re calling the Artist Series this month. The Artist Series brings in professional artists and asks them to put their personal spin on Benchmade knives.

Artist Casey Underwood is Benchmade’s first collaborator for the series. Underwood is well known for his intricate, detailed images of birds and fishes, as well as the natural landscapes of North American. They evoke the meticulous style of biological illustrations, but are modulated by a more personal, evocative touch that takes them out of the technical and into the expressive realm.

Underwood has worked in lots of different mediums, but this is the first time he’s designed for a knife. Four different Mini Crooked Rivers are on offer, with blade etchings depicting four different fish: Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Steelhead, and Tarpon. On the bolster of each version is a second etching that depicts the habitat of the fish on the blade.

The four Artist Series Mini Crooked Rivers also vary in their handle scale materials: the Brown Trout has tan G-10, the Largemouth Bass has wood (Largemouth Bass), and the Steelhead and Tarpon have black and jade G-10 respectively. The pivot collars and backspacer are coordinated to match on each model. Benchmade has retained the standard Mini Crooked River steel choice, S30V, for these limited edition knives.

“Limited edition” is the key word here; these Mini Crooked Rivers are restricted to a very small single batch – just 300 knives total among the four styles. They are available now, so anybody interested should act fast.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Casey Underwood Largemouth Bass Mini Crooked River