Ferrum Forge Brings out Revised and Accessible Stinger

Just two weeks after the release of the Micro Fortis, Ferrum Forge is dropping a new, production version of their Stinger today. After several limited runs over the years, this is the model in its most affordable and accessible iteration yet.

The Stinger has been in Ferrum Forge’s lineup since 2015. At a glance you can tell that it comes from the same place as knives like the Fortis and the Archbishop: the family resemblance is noticeable everywhere, from the the tapered handle to the sharkish, all-purpose drop point blade. This version of the Stinger has been especially designed with EDC in mind, so its blade length has been set at 3.2 inches – that’s slightly shorter than the previous Stingers and .8 inches shorter than a Stinger XL. It can be opened with the flipper, or via the fuller cut into both sides of the blade. As with the Micro Fortis, the Stinger’s blade is made from Nitro V to balance performance with price.

For fans who have followed the Stinger’s development, there will be some slight but noticeable differences with the handle. Ferrum Forge has always kept the ergonomics on this design simple, but here they’ve retooled the construction as they transitioned from a titanium frame lock to a stainless steel liner lock. The liners themselves stand proud from the scales, as we’ve seen on other releases like the Gent. Speaking of the Gent, Ferrum Forge gave this Stinger a loop over, deep carry clip like the one on that knife (albeit a bit beefier here). In terms of scale materials, there are three colors of G-10 on offer – tan, green, and black – and a carbon fiber version as well.

This Stinger release caps off a pretty busy stretch for Ferrum Forge. They turned out the Exec, another sleek EDC-style blade, and then shrunk things way down for the Micro Fortis. And while the Exec occupied a more premium price point, the Stinger, like the Micro Fortis, will be debuting with a sub-$100 price tag. All three new releases embody Ferrum Forge’s move away from custom work and into more accessible products, a direction they first began moving in in 2018, with the establishment of the Pro Series.

The Stinger is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Ferrum Forge Stinger