Reate Design Team Creates Bushido Front Flipper

Reate is releasing the Bushido, one of its 2020 models first revealed at SHOT Show in January. The Bushido showcases the in-house design team flexing its creativity, and brings a unique look and fresh features into the Reate catalog.

Even if the name didn’t give it away, the inspiration behind Bushido would be clear from its looks: this is a folder inspired by the lines of Japanese swords. The tanto blade shape moves away from the hyper-defined angles of the American style into a more generalized, gentle curve out to the tip. The Bushido uses M390 steel; in a touch that we’ve come to associate with Reate, the flat ground blade has been given a hand rubbed finish. There are also options for a black PVD-coated blade for those who want it. The cutting edge measures 2.75 inches long, which puts the Bushido right in the pocket for EDC cutting chores. Its particular shape could also flex nicely into minor food prep as well.

The Bushido is a front flipper flipper. Its tab is located near the center of the pivot side of the knife, and is the sole method of opening. This allows the blade to look clean, and fold all the way into the handle when closed. The front flipper mechanism is, of course, ambidextrous; that being said, as a liner lock, there is an element of handedness to the Bushido’s design.

The handle opts for extreme simplicity: a lightly curved shape, with proud titanium liners and contoured scales available in either burlap Micarta or carbon fiber. In typical Reate fashion the pocket clip is made from sculpted titanium; on this knife it isn’t reversible. The Bushido weighs 3.5 oz.

Reate moves at a different pace than many of its peers. Its releases tend to be in smaller batches and at slower rates, as befits the type of high-end, luxuriously finished production knife it makes. The Bushido is the first new for 2020 release Reate has put out in some time. Other models that were shown off at the beginning of the year are still on the way as well.

Reate says that the Bushido will be appearing with dealers shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Reate Bushido