Ostap Hel Tardis Arrives Just in Time This Month

Ostap Hel serbed serve up a new design through Bestech Knives recently. It’s called the Tardis, an EDC knife that melds the trendy cleaver blade shape with Hel’s signature meticulous attention to visual detail.

Hel has talked with us in the past about his preference for working with premium materials, but he has never shied away from making his designs accessible price-wise either; the Tardis looks to have been designed to be wallet-friendly. The blade steel is D2, which anyone who has spent any time in the knife scene will be familiar with. D2 really is the modern standard in the budget knife realm; a semi-stainless steel, D2 trades in comprehensive stain resistance for higher edge retention compared to the usual corral of budget steels.

But again, you probably know about the stuff by now, and the dimensions are what you’re after. The Tardis’s cleaver blade shape is worthy of note in and of itself; even though it’s a popular blade concept, every maker puts their own little twist on the format. Hel’s take is almost sheepsfootish, with its downturned point, and at 3.15 inches in length it’s right in the pocket for everyday cutting. You know the things we mean: opening boxes, cutting tape, slicing up an apple at lunch – all the little unexpected chores that life throws in our path.

The Tardis comes in multiple colors

The handle is pure Hel, all clean linework that looks striking but doesn’t clutter the fundamentally simple profile with extra, grip-impeding cuts and curves. In keeping with its wallet-focused remit, the Tardis’s handle scales are made from G-10, available in multiple colorations (six, to be exact). The Tardis’s clip can be reversed to either side, and it uses a liner lock for blade safety.

The Tardis is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Tardis

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