PDW Launches Invictus DC Auto

Prometheus Design Werx is taking its Invictus MIL-LE automatic to a more affordable price point with a streamlined second iteration, dubbed the Invictus DC. To keep costs down, the new version requires less machining time while retaining an identical level of performance according to the company.

The Invictus DC is a mid-size folder with a 3.5-inch bullnose blade made from 154CM. Customers familiar with the Invictus model will recognize the beefy blade shape, deep fuller, and forward finger choil, which are present on all configurations of the knife. “The overall aesthetic is still captured in this design,” says PDW Founder Patrick Ma. Users fire the blade out by pressing a glow-in-the-dark G-10 button. A safety switch is situated just below the firing button for those who want it. The aluminum-handled Invictus DC enters the ring at 5.8 oz. and has a deep carry pocket clip.

Compared to its predecessor, the DC model reduces the complexity of the handle finishing. PDW transitioned from fully 3D-contoured aluminum scales to flat, but chamfered ones on the DC. “The original scales were almost four times the amount of time on the mill. And it contributed greatly to the cost,” Ma tells us. The first Invictus MIL-LE retailed for $380 but the simpler DC shaves more than $100 off that price tag.


However, Ma is clear to emphasize that a reduction in price does not mean a reduction in quality or performance. “Functionally, it’s the same knife,” he explains. “It looks a little different but the materials and quality are the same.”

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As a lifestyle brand, PDW’s products hit a premium price tag and the company tells us that isn’t likely to change. But Ma wants to continue to find ways of delivering value where he can, as with the DC revamp. He and his team are currently evaluating manufacturing partners around the world for future releases. While PDW takes pride in its US-made knives, product quality has always been its number one priority, not origin of manufacture. “It’s a global economy. It has been since the founding of the first city-states,” Ma states. “We have been working with manufacturing partners that do the best job, no matter where it’s being made.”

Knife featured in image: Prometheus Design Werx Invictus DC