White River Introduces Premium Outdoor Cleaver

It’s less than three weeks ahead of the start of SHOT Show 2018 and White River Knife & Tool just announced its latest creation – the Camp Clever. The fixed blade capitalizes on the growing cleaver blade trend, assuming the role of all-purpose bushcraft utility tool.

The Camp Clever’s 5.5-inch S35VN blade features a dramatic, curving belly. It may look exotic, but the all-belly blade shape and reasonable size telegraph the Camp Clever’s position as a hard-working bushcraft knife. According to the company, the new 9.2 oz. knife will come in a heavy-duty leather sheath.

Its bushcrafting bent helps the Camp Clever stand out in the growing cleaver-style knife genre. Last year the cleaver format took off after some major brands developed the category. Eye-catching blades like the ESEE CL1 or TOPS’ El Chete may have paved the way. But according to White River’s Jim Shults, the Clever’s smaller size and premium features distinguish it from predecessors. “A sheath knife like this is not very common,” he explains. “The blade design and sweep angle, and especially steel and handle shape is newer.”

White River got adventurous with the blade shape but opted for a simple and ergonomic handle. A curved spine and contoured linen Micarta scales are designed to fill the hand and stick the Camp Clever in place when chopping. “This combination of blade curve, thickness and bevel shape, together with the ergonomically designed handle, make this a highly-versatile and efficient knife,” says John Cammenga, President of White River.

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White River works out of its Coopersville, Michigan shop, specializing in small batch fixed blade knives. So it comes as no surprise that the Camp Clever is planned as a limited release, although the company hasn’t set a hard limit on how many they will produce. “There’s no set number. It is for folks who want super quality materials and great workmanship that is all American. This is the level White River is known for and want to produce,” Shults says.

The White River Camp Clever will be offered for an MSRP of $230. Follow our SHOT Show 2018 Knives Newsfeed starting on Tuesday, January 23rd for a close-up video of the new knife.

Knife featured in image: White River Camp Clever Cleaver