Stout 717 Valiant Boosts We Knife Co.’s Small Flipper Lineup

We Knife Co. is turning heads with the work-ready 717 Valiant. With its unique compression construction and distinctive shape, the knife caters to those in need of a sturdy but small work blade.

The 3-inch bladed Valiant joins the ranks of other small We Knife offerings like the 605 and, more recently, the 619. But to help the new knife stand out, We Knife Co. offers up an overbuilt aesthetic. Thick titanium handle slabs and a broad flat ground blade make the Valiant a little knife with some serious heft. With a weight north of 5 oz. it is the most substantial ‘little’ knife We Knife Co. has to date.

YouTuber Zelrick42‘s relationship with We Knife Co. is so strong that the company asked him to name the new knife. “The name was chosen because the knife is small, stout and fits into an underserved segment of the knife market,” the knife reviewer explains. “That underserved segment, in my opinion, is the 2.5-3 inch blade category where there are many knife lovers either by choice or by legislation.”

We Knife Co. further differentiated the Valiant with a compression-style construction. “At one end you have the pivot. At the other end is a very simple, but intricate design using a compression fit horseshoe, a tab on the pocket clip and a single screw,” Zelrick says. The result is virtually no exposed side hardware other than the pivot pin.

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“[It] slots into the three inch or less blade length category, while still being a knife built to the same standards as the larger knives in WE’s line up and maintaining the heft and feel of a full sized knife,” Zelrick continues. “The Valiant is well suited for most any general EDC task, and with its ample belly and tall flat grind it will complete slicing tasks with ease.” The eye-catching snub nose blade shape expands the rugged Valiant’s uses even further. “I would even venture to say that the blade shape, tall flat grind and being rather thin behind the edge would make it a good, small, folding hunting knife,” adds Zelrick.

The Valiant is hitting dealers’ shelves now in eight different color and blade coating configurations. Expect the new knife to set you back just shy of $300.

Knife featured in image: We Knife Co. 717 Valiant