Poltergeist Works and Real Steel Return with Third Slippie Collab

Custom maker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz has conjured up a new slipjoint for his frequent production partner Real Steel Knives. It’s called the Solis, and as follow-up to his Luna and Stella designs, Wieczorkiewicz gave the Solis a fresh blade shape while bringing in visual elements from his recent custom work.

We all remember the Luna, right? Originally released in 2019, it marked the first time RSK tried their hand at manufacturing a slipjoint, but there was nothing traditional about it. The Luna was a non-locking knife in the modern style, with a titanium handle and N690Co stainless steel. These well-regarded materials and the cool but sensible design made the Luna a fan favorite EDC in the RSK lineup, and one that the company expanded upon thereafter with numerous variants and a second slipjoint followup in the form of the Stella.

The Solis makes it into the same use category, but arrives there in its own way. Instead of a drop point, the blade shape here is a modified sheepsfoot blade, with a near wharncliffe amount of tip and just a hint of curve to the cutting edge. At 2.91 inches long the N690Co blade falls right in line with the Luna and Stella, and its two-hand opening is achieved with the same fulleresque nail mark as we saw on its siblings. But RSK tells us the visual elements on both the blade and handle truly give the Solis an identity all its own. “It has more of the typical lines that are found in Jakub’s custom work, such as the signature raised spine and the split pocket clip.”

The Solis will be getting some different handle materials in the future

That pocket clip is anodized gold, and attached to handle scales made from titanium. The handle itself is slim and simple; we’d call it a subdued profile if it weren’t spiced up with some multifaceted chamfering all around the edge. In this titanium configuration, the Solis weighs 2.72 oz. – and RSK has told us that yes, there will be variatons. “The shapes and chamfers on the handle not only make it slim but are a perfect canvas for many materials that will be used in all the different versions of the SOLIS.”

We are being told that the first Solis batch will be available at the beginning of December.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Solis