Poltergeist Works Emphasizes Compact Utility with New Model

After pushing the envelope with the one-off Phenomena 3, Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works is trying something totally different for the 2600, his latest custom model. This new knife prioritizes compact characteristics while still maintaining wide functionality.

The Phenomena 3 pushed folding knife size to the limit with a massive 4.5-inch blade. Wieczorkiewicz took the opposite approach with the 2600, which has a blade length of just 2.6 inches. Its blade shape is a wide drop point, which allows for a lot of belly and an acute tip to get the most out of that reduced real estate. And while the 2600 is not a Phenomena series knife, it does take another cue from its one-off predecessor in terms of opening method, opting for an ambidextrous thumb disk instead of studs or a flipper.

For the blade steel, Wieczorkiewicz is using RWL-34. RWL-34 is a fairly common sight on custom knives, as it is a well-rounded, reliable powder metallurgy steel; users can expect good edge retention and relatively painless maintenance with this one. Wieczorkiewicz also outfitted the knife’s pivot with Nylatron washers, which he says he prefers to other options like phosphor bronze washers or caged bearings.

On a conceptual level, Wieczorkiewicz provided big knife ergonomics on this smaller design. That meant incorporating a very large finger choil on the blade itself: users can move their grip up for more control if precision is needed; otherwise they can hold the knife “normally” for more reach. The 2600’s front scale is made from marbled carbon fiber, while its frame lock off-side scale is titanium. Wieczorkiewicz pioneered a unique frame lock insert construction method on the Phenomena 3, but didn’t utilize it on the 2600; instead he carbidized the lock face to accommodate wear-in over time.

The 2600 will be available on an ongoing basis from Wieczorkiewicz as a custom piece. The question also remains if there is any possibility of the 2600 appearing in a production form, particularly through frequent collaboration partner Real Steel Knives.

Knife in Featured Image: Poltergeist Works 2600

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