Latest Civivi Knives Keep the Cleaver Trend Rolling

We are seeing another new cleaver design from Civivi, the Mini Mastodon. This design follows in the footsteps of the Mini Bullmastiff, with some minor but noticeable changes from that prior release.

As it was with the Bullmastiff, the Mini Mastodon’s blade is the central attraction: in terms of shape, it’s a miniaturized version of the classic Western meat cleaver blade. In its traditional role, a meat cleaver is used to, well, cleave meat; but in its reincarnation as a modern folding knife blade shape, it tends to serve the usual EDC functions, albeit with a specific unmistakable flair and maybe a little more hardiness that svelter blade shapes. Slicing is the primary verb for the Mini Mastodon, whether its blade is moving through cardboard, plastic, or an apple; and it opens with a flipper tab, although enough blade is exposed in the closed position for a two-hand open if you prefer.

The Mini Mastodon’s blade measures just under 3 inches, putting it at a parity with the Mini Bullmastiff. The blade steel is also the same, the 9Cr18MoV we’ve seen on lots of Civivi offerings lately when D2 hasn’t been in play. The devil is in the details when it comes to differentiation this two cleavers: the Bullmastiff has a large fuller, while the Mini Mastodon has the classic hanging hole that its fixed blade predecessors sport.

While the blades between the Mastodon and the Bullmastiff are very similar, the handles are virtually identical. Once again we see a very plain, straightforward profile, with a little finger guard capping off an otherwise totally neutral shape. G-10 scales cover stainless steel liners (with a liner lock leaf on the off side); the Mini Mastodon is just a little bit heavier than the Mini Bullmastiff: 3.6 oz. compared to 3.5.

If you like the look of the Mini Mastodon but want it in a full-size knife, that model is also on the way. The Mastodon scales the blade up to 3.83 inches, and it weighs 5.8 oz.; but otherwise it is an extremely faithful recreation of its little brother in all respects. Both the Mini and full size Mastodons are scheduled to arrive with dealers soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Mini Mastodon

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