Victorinox Turns Paring Knife into Portable Folder

Victorinox is expanding their kitchen cutlery lineup in a new way with the Swiss Classic Foldable Paring Knife. The name gives it away: this is a portable, folding version of one of Victorinox’s more popular kitchen knife offerings.

Most knife enthusiasts – and maybe most people generally – first think of the Swiss Army knife when the name Victorinox comes up; but the company’s reach extends far beyond those multitools into lots other edged product categories. In fact, their kitchen knives are almost as omnipresent, appearing online and on the shelves of local and big box retailers all over. These knives range from high-end to entry-level, the latter of which offers decent performance at very wallet friendly prices. And one of the most common products in that line is the Swiss Classic Paring Knife. Outdoor cooking, whether in the form of picnicking or camping, is very popular these days, so it made sense for Victorinox to roll out a portable version of this knife.

Hopefully we don’t have to explain the advantages of a paring knife, but, in short: it’s a small, versatile knife used for the delicate slicing and peeling jobs that a standard chef’s knife is not ideally suited for. The Foldable Paring Knife’s edge is actually a bit longer than its fixed blade forbear, running to 4.3 inches in length compared to 3.9 inches. It is opened with two hands and locks up with a liner lock-style mechanism.

The blade shape also deviates somewhat: it’s slightly curved, and completely tipless; something between a modified sheepsfoot and a butter knife shape. Available in plain edge or serrated versions, the blade is from Victorinox’s preferred 1.4116 stainless steel. This steel is not a champion in edge retention, but makes up for that with its extreme ease of maintenance, sharpening readily and avoiding corrosion in all but the most extreme circumstances – ideal qualities for kitchen work.

The ergonomics on all Victorinox kitchen knives are uniformly simple, and the Folding Paring Knife doesn’t deviate from this precedent. Its handle recreates the undulating shape on the fixed blades, while being thinner and notched at the back end to make pinch-opening the blade easier. The handle material is injection-molded plastic, which keeps the Folding Paring Knife’s weight way down; it tips the scales at just 1.5 oz.

The Folding Paring Knife is slated to be available on September 21st.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Swiss Classic Foldable Paring Knife

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