Rafal Brzeski’s First 2020 Production Model Slated to Arrive Shortly

After more than half a year of waiting, the We Knife Co. Gava is finally on the cusp of releasing. The Gava is the first production knife this year from Polish knife maker Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives, and is based off of one of his sought-after custom knives.

Sometimes, when a production knife is based on a custom, it makes enough changes visually and structurally that it becomes, in essence, a different knife – inspired by the custom rather than strictly emulating it. But that is not the case with the Gava, which adheres faithfully to Brzeski’s original in most respects.

The Gava has a drop point blade that measures 3.25 inches long and keeps its overall profile slim and sleek; the elegant silhouette is reinforced with a swedge and a stepped notch machined into the base of the blade. In keeping with other premium We Knife models, the blade steel here is CPM-20CV; thus the Gava can capably cut through any EDC chore that it might come its way. The opening method is, as expected, a flipper, powered by We’s usual ceramic ball bearing pivot.

Brzeski leaned into simple, clean lines for the Gava’s handle. Its profile describes a very mild arc, with a bracket shape formed by the flipper tab at the front and a small beak at the back. An edge chamfer and the three-dimensional millwork help the Gava fill the hand when more purchase is necessary. The notch on the blade is echoed by the notch cut around the pivot; and a small notched backspacer stands between the show side scale and the frame lock off side. Naturally, the handle and pocket clip both are made from titanium, and the Gava weighs 3.72 oz.

Brzeski is a well-known name in custom knife circles and created the Wasabi folder for WE. Working out of Legnica, he offers a small selection of folding knife models. Brzeski recently debuted a new custom in fact: a trailing point flipper called the Shudder.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Gava

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