Böker Rolls Out Production Version of Caston/Moizis Collaboration

One of the newest knives from Böker is a tiny automatic knife called the Shamsher. This little blade features an unusual deployment mechanism and comes from the combined efforts of Darriel Caston and Stan Moizis.

The Shamsher is another entry in the California legal class of automatic knives. Its blade measures 1.97 inches; in terms of shape it is a stubby little drop point, with a large swedge that lends it a bit of a daggeresque swagger. Lots and lots of makers are switching to D2 for their budget releases, and even Böker is getting in on the trend; this particular semi stainless is the steel of choice on the Shamsher.

Stan Moizis, working under the shop name Brno Born Custom Knives, specializes in old school automatic knives that typically open, not with a button or a slide as many autos do, but with levers on the bolster of the knife. On this particular design however, Moizis departed from that concept to another, equally unusual mechanism: a lever on the spine of the knife that is operated like a flipper but separate from the blade tang; by pressing on the lever, the blade is kicked out and locks up with a steel liner leaf.

As on many other Moizis designs, the ergonomics are very simple. Here he created a basic rectangular shape that tapers towards the pivot end. A small cutout on the show side scale provides just a tad of indexing, and also serves as an access point for disengaging the liner. You can get the knife with either black G-10 or copper scales; the G-10 Shamsher weighs 2.19 oz. while the copper model bumps the weight up to 3.21 oz.; both versions are clipless and carry in a nylon sheath.

The Shamsher began life as custom collaboration between Caston and Moizis in 2018. The idea was that Moizis would create the basic design, and then send it to Caston who would put a unique aesthetic spin on it. This is far from the first Caston joint we’ve seen on a production level, but the Shamsher marks the very first time a Moizis design has made the jump from custom to production.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Shamsher

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