KA-BAR Gives Pizza Lovers a New EDC

KA-BAR is thinking outside of the (pizza) box with their latest release, the ‘Za Saw. As you may have guessed from the groanworthy name, this is a pizza cutter as envisioned by a knife company, which means more attention to detail than you’d normally see on this particular kitchen implement.

Given the singular purpose of this particular release, blade length seems a little unnecessary, not to mention hard to determine – so how about width instead? The ‘Za Saw’s circular cutting blade measures 3 inches across, and is made from 440A steel. Now, on a normal folding or fixed blade that would be an underwhelming choice, but on a pizza cutter, whose sole job will be dividing up pies, 400A should be more than adequate. In fact, it’s a step up from the nameless stainlesses we often see on pizza cutters. The blade is chisel ground and rotates via an adjustable hex nut in the center of the saw.

The handle design is where the KA-BAR influence shows through most clearly. Made from Creamid plastic, the striated barrel shape echoes KA-BAR’s most famous creation, the USMC Marine Knife. And while the ‘Za Saw may also be (technically) considered a fixed blade, it doesn’t come with a sheath, as it is likely to be kept in a kitchen drawer until a need for it arises. That being said, those who do wish to carry their ‘Za Saw around will find it relatively lightweight at 4.8 oz.; it even has a lanyard hole at the pommel, but please get a sheath made before you start attaching your ‘Za Saw to your camping kit.

KA-BAR isn’t afraid to get a little whacky with their releases. The ‘Za Saw is only the latest in a whole line of unusual culinary implements, joining such luminaries as the Dessert Destroyer, Chopsticks, and the Spork/Knife combo. The Orleans, NY stalwart has even branched into the craft beer world through a brown ale collaboration with Railhouse Brewery.

Furthermore, the ‘Za Saw follows a spate of other culinary releases from knife makers in general: Victorinox created a new folding version of their paring knife recently, and before that Great Eastern Cutlery debuted the Beer & Sausage knife. TOPS is also readying some new kitchen knives for release.

The KA-BAR ‘Za Saw is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: KA-BAR ‘Za Saw