Poltergeist Works Shows off First Bestech Collaboration

Polish custom maker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz is working with Bestech for the first time to create the 2500 Delta. This folder is the smallest knife Wieczorkiewicz has designed so far, and comes dressed up in ritzier materials than his previous production work.

Wieczorkiewicz’s versatility as a maker is well-established, with custom and production pieces ranging from reasonable EDC proportions, to things more enormous and specialized. The Delta obviously falls in the former camp, sporting a 2.5 inch blade length. At that length, its wharncliffe blade makes for a great utility cutter; something that can slice and pierce equally well, and with great precision. A flipper provides the only opening method on the Delta.

A single glance at the handle is enough to identify this knife as a Wieczorkiewicz design, as the twin oversized screws are a visual throughline across most of his work. The Delta’s handle has more features to it than some of Wieczorkiewicz’s other knives. Two grooves underneath the guard secure the pointer and middle fingers, while the angled spine fills the palm. A frame lock is in place here, with the expected stainless steel insert to avert possible wear.

Most of the production models Wieczorkiewicz released through his frequent partner Real Steel target the budget- and mid-price demographic. And while the Delta doesn’t land in the super premium sector, it is the Wieczorkiewicz production collaboration with the highest-end materials yet. Titanium handle scales and an S35VN blade steel not only help the knife perform well, but put it into a different category from other Wieczorkiewicz knives available in a production format.

The Delta takes its name and construction from Wieczorkiewicz’s custom Delta series. These knives vary in size and application, but derive their name from a shared trait: instead of the usual composite show side scale, both front and back scales are made from titanium.

The Delta is set to be available shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Delta

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