Pro-Tech Celebrates 20 Years with Limited Editions

In the runup to Blade Show 2019 Pro-Tech is celebrating its 20th year in the knife industry with special editions of classic models. Both TR-2 and TR-3 Elite are back in premium configurations.

Although the company has grown its lineup considerably since then, the TR-2 formed part of the original Pro-Tech catalog back in the day. This 20th Anniversary edition keeps the simple, rugged design of the original model: fundamentally linear handle, with a palm swell in the middle and flares on pivot and bottom end to prevent slippage. The blade, which hits the 3-inch sweet spot, is a slender drop point.

We’ve seen many different runs and releases of the TR-2 over the years, but this particular limited edition gets a few significant upgrades. The swap in steel, from Pro-Tech’s standard 154CM to CPM-20CV, will be the headliner for most users. In social media posts about the knife Pro-Tech stated they chose this particular super steel because it blends high edge retention with the toughness they want for the TR-2’s ready-for-anything design. Pro-Tech also fancied up the deployment button with black lip pear and replaced the the standard TR-2 clip with one of their modern deep carry numbers.

Meanwhile, the TR-3 Elite is coming out in two new variations: one limited, and one very limited. The trendy TR-3 Elite in Rose Gold uses TiNi to give the blade and hardware the eponymous hue. A second variant features a mirror polished, compound grind blade hand ground by knife maker Mike Irie. Both come with deep carry clips as well.

The TR-2 and Rose Gold TR-3 Elite will be limited to 200 pieces each. The Mike Irie TR-3 is limited to just 50 pieces. All three are expected to arrive with dealers by the end of the month.

Knife in Featured Image: Pro-Tech 20th Anniversary Edition TR-2