Justin Lundquist Releases First Model with WE Knife Co.

Justin Lundquist has just revealed the Angst, his first release under the WE Knife Co. label itself. The Angst brings a style that breaks away in key ways from Lundquist’s previous work.

The Angst’s dagger-style (but single edge) blade measures 2.78 inches long and is made from S35VN steel. As with all WE flipper knives, it rides on ball bearings. Lundquist designed its flipper tab to resemble a symmetrical blade guard. That dagger blade, almost a visual throwback to classic dagger-style knives, is paired with a very modern, very clean ovoid handle, accentuated by Lundquist’s preferred G-10 pivot collar and multiple other inserts. “I used my signature pivot area inlay with the grooves but wanted to play with additional inlays,” he tells us. “I knew WE could do these seamless inlays perfectly so I really wanted to make use of that ability.”

In fact, other than the hardware, the entire handle of the Angst is made from G-10 or carbon fiber, making it a lightweight pocket companion as well as a slim one. “It has thin blade stock and a dagger grind and all-G10/carbon fiber construction, so it’s really light,” Lundquist notes.

It almost goes without saying, but Lundquist is best known for his clean and modern designs like the Feist and Baby Barlow. He tells us the Angst arose from a desire to bring a new look to his portfolio. “I just wanted to try something a bit different, see where it would take me,” he explains. The dagger-style blade was an obvious departure, but Lundquist wanted to exercise his eye for detail, too. “Not only with the blade shape and flipper tab but also the multiple inlays.”

Despite the very different aesthetic, the Angst falls into the same EDC category that Lundquist’s previous work does. He’s comfortable with that genre and prefers it for his own use. “I always just want something that’s an easy daily EDC with a pair of jeans in an urban environment,” Lundquist says. “I generally build my designs with the idea that they will be smaller knives for simple daily cutting tasks. I’m not looking to baton fire wood with these.”

Lundquist has been quietly gathering steam, and 2019 has been a breakout year for him. Just last month he released the full production run of the Baby Barlow under his own label.

Knife in Featured Image: WE Knife Co. Angst