PSA: Follow the New Spartan Blades Account on Instagram

Recently Southern Pines, NC-based Spartan Blades had its Instagram account hacked. In light of this issue the company has decided to start a new account which you can find here.

Social media is a key communication tool for any knife company, and in the world of cutlery Instagram is king. As an app structured around pictures, IG makes it easy to see new or rare knives, and show off your own; users can get a stream of cool blades with the flick of a finger. But even more importantly, it’s a direct connection between fans and makers, a forum where they can ask questions and get information on the fly. Losing an established account can be a big deal for a company trying to get the word out about new releases, contests, and show appearances. It causes a major line of communication to collapse.

In Spartan’s case, salt is applied to the wound due to the fact that their IG account isn’t just compromises, but being held for ransom from the hacker who commandeered it. This is a ransom Spartan has chosen not to pay. Instagram itself seems to have little interest in helping address this problem, so Spartan decided to start a new account rather than wait for them to get into gear (if that ever happens).

The crew at Spartan, while obviously deeply annoyed, seem to be taking the problem in stride. “In the end, we are about quality knives and that is what defines our company not social media. You guys, quality work, and doing what’s right,” company co-founders Mark Cary and Curtis V. Iovito say in a post on their new IG account. But if you haven’t yet, make sure to throw them a follow and help get this second account back to where the first one was.

Knife in Featured Image: Spartan Harsey 3.25