Spyderco Revamps Product Reveal Process

Yesterday, Spyderco announced that they’ve once again renovated their product reveal strategy. A change to a digitial-first format is intended to reduce the delay between the first public reveal of a knife and it being available for purchase.

Now, this was one of the goals Spyderco had in 2018, when they changed from massive reveals in their catalogs to smaller, but more frequent, Product Reveals. And while things were somewhat speedier, it turned out that working on these reveals in both print and digital forms became cumbersome in itself. “[It] required us to project the availability of new products months in advance. If things didn’t go exactly according to schedule, there was a significant delay between the announcement of a new product and its on-the-shelf availability,” says Spyderco’s Kristi Hunter in a post on the company’s forums.

Now, Spyderco will take an all-digital approach to showing off new knives. “Spyderco will soon begin announcing new items with product-specific digital Reveals through our social media platforms and the Spyderco app,” Hunter says. “These announcements will be timed to coincide with the actual availability of the product and will not follow a specific schedule.”

But printed reveals aren’t going away entirely; they’ll still be released as periodic recaps of the digital reveals. “Throughout the year, we will periodically consolidate digital Reveals into printed Reveals, which may also include additional new-product announcements.”

Spyderco wraps up the announcement by summing up the advantages and teasing their future plans. “We are confident this change will allow us to be much more timely and flexible in our approach to releasing new products. It will also reduce the frustration caused by unexpected delays in new-product availability. Rest assured, Spyderco has a lot of new products in the works. And as soon as each one is ready, you’ll be among the first to know.”

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Resilience Lightweight