PSA: Preorders Live for Expanded Version of Classic Bob Terzuola Book

Bob Terzuola has returned to his seminal The Tactical Folding Knife: A Study of the Anatomy and Construction of the Liner-Locked Folder for a new, expanded edition. This new version not only builds on the material in the original text, but it also gives makers an easy, affordable way to get their hands on it.

Whether or not you consider Terzuola to have coined the term “tactical knife,” there’s no denying that he was one of the genre’s first and most influential proponents. Along with a very small group of other custom makers, Terzuola drove innovation in modern knife design, in turn influencing the direction of both the custom and production worlds. We’re not goign to broach the topic of what exactly makes a knife “tactical” here, but suffice it to say you will find a working definition between the covers of Terzuola’s book – and, more importantly, you will find detailed technical information on how to make locking, folding knives of your own

Terzuola published the original text of Tactical Folding Knife in 2000; like most specialty books the print run wasn’t enormous, and nowadays copies are hard to find, especially at decent prices; unless you get lucky at a used book store, you’re looking at a three-figure price tag at this point. The 2022 edition of Tactical Folding Knife can be preordered directly from Terzuola and costs $50 – not cheap by any means, but a much more reasonable price than the secondary sellers’.

A page from Terzuola’s book detailing geometry for a liner lock

The imminent arrival of this book is only the latest in a series of cool projects from Terzuola. Last year was huge for his production work, with the Civivi Tamashii taking home a big mid-year award; and last month at SHOT Show 2022, we got to see the latest collaboration between Terzuola and MKM, the Maximo.

Preordered copies of The Tactical Folding Knife are expect to ship within a few weeks.