Qubit EDC Folder Jumps from Civivi to WE Line

Good news for all our fellow Qubitheads out there: the Civivi folder is officially transitioning into the WE lineup this year. As you would expect, this premium iteration ups the material quality for a luxurious feeling, high-performance variant of the button lock EDC.

The Qubit hit shelves in spring of last year. It was a knife in the tradition of the ever-popular Elementum, an EDC user with everything you needed and nothing you didn’t, with enough character and mechanical finesse to still please the enthusiast sector of your knife collector’s brain. The button lock helped set it apart, as did the nice, wide, flat ground leaf blade, made from Nitro-V rather than the more common (though still welcome) D2 semi-stainless.

In broad strokes the design on the WE flavor remains the same as on the Civivi original, but it has been tweaked a tad. The blade here is longer, at 3.2 inches compared to 2.98 on its predecessor. It’s not enough of a difference to give this one an “XL” designation or anything, but moving over the 3-inch mark does widen the possible work load for the knife a smidge – not to mention makes some jobs (like slicing food) that little bit easier.

The sculpted titanium pocket clip is still reversible

For all Nitro-V’s good qualities, it would be a bit out of place to see it on a knife aimed at the high-end sector of the market. So we see WE replacing a good stainless with a better one: CPM-20CV. This is the line standard recipe for WE, and still a contender in terms of best EDC steel choice. Corrosion resistance is high, and edge retention impressive; in a direct comparison between the two the improvement over Nitro-V would be quite noticeable.

And, of course, gone are the aluminum scales, replaced by titanium ones, complimented by a sculpted titanium pocket clip. And don’t worry, despite the switch to sculpted Ti the pocket clip is still reversible, so the Qubit remains a knife that is like 75% lefty-friendly, with only the button lock, still relegated to the show side, favoring righties.

The WE Qubit is coming soon, and you can preorder it now.

Knife in Featured Image: WE Knives Qubit

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