Rafal Brzeski Releases Production Version of KwaiQ Custom

We Knife and Civivi are bringing some excellent-looking prototypes to Blade Show Texas this weekend, and we’ll have more to say on them in the near future. But it’s also important not to forget the other new stuff they have scheduled to release soon, including the KwaiQ.

This one comes, not from the in-house team, but from Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives. If you know your custom knives, you’ll recognize the KwaiQ as a production iteration of a custom of the same name; and, if you know your knives in general, you’ll recognize that the KwaiQ is Brzeski’s take on the kwaiken, an Eastern-inspired knife pattern pioneered by Lucas Burnley that has gone on to become a genre in itself.

The in-line flipper tab keeps the KwaiQ profile nice and neat

This take on the kwaiken (taiken?) goes for the compact EDC label, with a Nitro-V blade that is just under 3 inches long. Of course, as a kwaiken-style knife, the blade shape on the KwaiQ is a tanto – but, in contrast with many other examples of the form, the tanto on this one is an American-style; that is, there is a sharp articulation point between the primary and secondary edges, compared to the rounded, gradual transition on a Japanese-style tanto. Tanto semantics (tantantics?) aside, the blade here will be a reliable daily cutter, and excel in particular at piercing tasks.

The handle is a real eye-catcher. Done up in the linear, ultra-minimalist kwaiken-style profile, its made from two-tone G-10 scales done up with a futuristic pattern that echoes the visual elements of Brzeski’s customs. The liner lock allows for symmetrical scales; the ultralight 2.11 oz. KwaiQ comes with a reversible deep carry pocket clip.

The KwaiQ is hitting shelves next month. There’s a lot more new Civivi/We stuff to talk about, especially considering the aforementioned, upcoming Blade Show Texas.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi KwaiQ

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