Boker Adds Automatic Boxcutter to Kalashnikov Family

Truly, we live in a golden age for box cutters. What used to be the most humble, enthusiast-unfriendly genre of knife now regularly sees cool riffs and extrapolations from makers big and small. Boker is the latest to get in on the game with the Kalashnikov Boxcutter.

This one puts the time-tested box cutter format in another classic chassis: that of Boker’s Kalashnikov automatic. Anybody who even dabbles in the automatic knife market will be familiar with the Kalashnikov; with its affordable price tag and tacticool (how long’s it been since you’ve seen that term?), undulating profile, the Kalashnikov is one of the most accessible, widespread, and popular single action auto knives in the production world.

The handle design will be familiar to Kalshnikov fans

The Kalashnikov Boxcutter, of course, replaces the standard blade with a jig into which you can slot a standard disposable utility razor. The advantages of the utility knife/boxcutter model is that you have a knife that doesn’t need the usual maintenance or care of a standard, non-replacable knife blade: you can use it hard, with no repercussion other than a need to replace the blade sooner rather than later. And, while steel options in utility razor blades tend to be simple ones, you are able to pick from several different steels – and even ceramic blades – to suit your particular tastes or needs.

This particular boxcutter opens quickly and effortless with a press of the auto button, just like its predecessors in the Kalashnikov family. Beyond convenience, it’s a very fidget-friendly setup, and helps spice up a format that, for so long, has been considered stodgy and uncool. Moreover, the Kalashnikov Boxcutter has a multifunctional element too: a seatbelt cutter at the base of the blade portion.

The Kalashnikov Boxcutter is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Kalashnikov Boxcutter

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