Real Steel Knives Sets Off in New Direction with the Harrier

Real Steel Knives is celebrating five years in the industry with the premium Harrier folder. The knife aims for the stars in terms of production knife materials and design, and RSK tells us that it will set the bar for the company’s direction in the years to come.

On paper, the Harrier fits comfortably into the mid-size EDC knife category. It provides a 3.54-inch drop point blade with just a slight recurve. But the devil is in the details, and RSK went further with the premium features on the Harrier than any other previous release. They spared no expense in choosing a blade steel, opting for CTS-204P, an M390 equivalent. The Harrier opens through a flipper or with thumb studs, and marks the premier implementation of a new bearing pivot system.

The system is completely enclosed to prevent dirt and debris from interfering with the Harrier’s action. In addition to the expected detent ball, RSK also installed a ‘scroll ball’ on the lock bar, which improves the action of the knife as it opens, providing a premium, smooth, and tactile experience. “The Harrier was designed and manufactured in celebration of 5 years of tireless work in the knife industry,” says RSK’s Jamie McKenna.

3D-sculpted carbon fiber inlays add both visual flair and additional grip to the Harrier’s bead blasted titanium scales. Steel crossbars decorate the partial flow-through spine of the knife, and multiple spots have been chamfered for added comfort. Finally, RSK opted for function over form and chose a spring-style titanium clip rather than a sculpted one.

RSK Harrier

Carson Huang is the designer behind the Harrier. He also designer the Megalodon, the knife that helped RSK capture the community’s attention in the first place. According to McKenna, the Harrier represents a new direction for RSK. It has made successful inroads with users, who appreciate their varied designs and high-value offerings, but the time has come for the company to take its next developmental step.

“We at RSK see this as an extremely motivating achievement,” says McKenna. “This is a new start for RSK, with better materials, better designers and a more focused direction.” The change in direction comes alongside a line expansion that will play with other luxurious materials, above what RSK has offered in its S Series products. “This year will also see the unveiling of RSK’s custom knives range, which will encompass the finest materials on the market – damascus to name one,” McKenna says.

The Harrier is available now.

Knife featured in image: Real Steel Knives Harrier