Knife Enthusiast Crowdfunds First Folder Project

Blink Blades is trying to crowdfund the Jinx, a new small batch production knife. The stylish EDC folder is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, and if all goes well it could be the first in a line of products from Blink Blades.

The Jinx represents an entry in a wave of EDC-style folders that are moving away from the tactical scene. They aim to be attractive, useful knives that won’t scare people around the user. “It’s not tactical or in your face, but it still has presence,” says Michael Bologna, Founder of Blink Blades and designer of the Jinx. Its 2.8-inch blade is a modified bullnose, with a sweeping spine and a stubby, durable tip. The blade is flat ground and made from M390 steel, which like the titanium chassis has been given a black coating, offset by a purple sculpted titanium pocket clip.

Blink Blades Jinx

Bologna got his start as a member of the knife community, a collector and enthusiast like many others. Coming from that background, he took inspiration from favorite knives in his own collection. “The Jinx was influenced by a bunch of knives I like, then mixed with some new ideas to come up with something unique,” Bologna explains.

He liked the action of modern flipper knives but didn’t like the way they filled up a pocket. “I hated using pocket clips and hated snagging my hand on flipper tabs.” So Bologna worked to implement an inline tab on the Jinx, and kept it as low-profile as possible. Similarly, he shrunk the knife’s overall dimension so the handle was just big enough to use, but small enough to take up minimal space when carried, either with its clip or loose. Bologna teamed up with OEM We Knife Co. to ensure these mechanical details were executed properly. The Jinx was a fairly ambitious project for a first-time designer but Bologna says he lucked out in that everything came together smoothly without a hitch.

Professionally, Bologna comes from a world unrelated to knife making. But he doesn’t aim to be a flash in the pan, and says that if the Jinx proves successful he’s ready to work on other releases. “I have other knife design ideas, so if people are really digging the Jinx, I’d like to put out more models.” He wants Blink Blades to be a name the community remembers. “I’m new to the knife business world. If everything goes well, I’d love to keep growing Blink Blades.”

Knife featured in image: Blink Blades Jinx

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