SOG Experiments with Design, Materials, and Steel on New Knives

SOG is conducting experiments with materials and design on two newly-revealed models. The Mikkel Knife and Terminus XR showcase the company’s drive to develop fresh concepts for its catalog.

Mikkel Knife
SOG and Mikkel Willumsen joined up for the (tentatively titled) Mikkel Knife, which attempts to answer the question: ‘What sort of knives might people be carrying 10 from now?’ “The intent was to communicate and deliver functional purposefulness that gives us a preview of what a tactically inspired folder of the future might look like,” says Jonathan Wegner, who signed up with SOG as VP of Marketing earlier this year.

Carbon fiber, titanium, G-10, and steel are all part of the 5.5 oz. Mikkel Knife’s frame. Rather than purely maximize weight-savings at the expense of durability, SOG’s intention was to utilize light materials and smart design while retaining the rigidity expected from a larger format 3.5-inch bladed folder. The frame lock flipper’s drop point showcases Willumsen flair in a swedge that turns into a faceted third bevel on the edge-side of the knife.

After the Mikkel Knife’s positive reception at Blade, fans are asking SOG when the folder will be available for purchase. “What we presented at Blade Show 2018 were first article prototypes,” Wegner explains. “We are currently working on what a final production model will be looking like in terms of refinements of functional geometry, and the best balance of materials and finishes.” Assuming the translation from prototype to final model can be made smoothly, the Mikkel Knife will likely become a purchasable reality. “If we are able to resolve these refinements in a manner that provides a great product for our users, then we will certainly look to push this folder into production,” Wegner tells us.

Terminus XR
Alongside high-concept Mikkel Knife, the Terminus XR is en route as a guaranteed release. SOG’s Terminus slipjoint design inspired this forthcoming locking folder. Compared to its slipjoint cousin the XR comes with a larger 3.2-inch cutting edge, that can be fired out with a thumb stud, flipper tab, or by pulling back on its locking mechanism.

SOG Terminus XR

The lock functions via a sliding crossbar that is operated by a thumb plate on the handle. It brings to mind both the Axis Lock and SOG’s own Arc-Lock . Like those mechanisms, the device offers an appealing mix of strength with minimal added weight – the Terminus XR weighs just 3.3 oz. Its blade is a classic SOG drop point, and it will be made from CTS-BDZ1, an uncommon steel in SOG’s catalog.

The Terminus XR is entering the production process shortly and is expected to be available by the fall. No final price has been settled on but SOG says MSRP will be under $100.

Knife featured in image: SOG Mikkel Knife

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