Real Steel Sidus Opens the Door for More Limited Editions

Real Steel Knives is releasing a new design from Poltergeist Works just ahead of Blade Show, the Sidus. This latest knife is a streamlined sequel to the Terra and is the first knife to benefit from RSK’s new focus on limited edition special variants.

The designs of Poltergeist Works’s Jakub Wieczorkiewicz have formed the backbone of RSK’s recent output. This latest collaboration takes cues from the Terra but institutes changes to just about every aspect of the knife. In general, the Sidus favors a much more linear, straightforward geometry. “The spine of the handle is flat and more aggressive than the Terra which leads straight down into its PVD coated D2 blade,” explains RSK’s Jamie McKenna. While the blade lengths are actually identical at 3.54 inches, the Sidus’s drop point is slimmer and almost perfectly in line with the center of the handle.

Wheras the Terra’s handle took a more humpbacked, angular approach to ergonomics, the Sidus kept things relatively straight and narrow. “The whole handle has been chamfered along the sides, which gives the knife a more harmonious feel,” McKenna points out. “Cutouts to the handle of the Sidus allow for a stronger hold, while Poltergeist Works’s standard double torx screws were again fitted for an extremely sleek, yet refined finish.”

RSK is also making a new push in the realm of limited runs, and the Sidus is among the first models to benefit from this drive. A special variant called the Sidus Moon Glow is shipping with glow in the dark marbled carbon fiber handle scales and a GitD backspacer. RSK has already confirmed that this experimentation with handle material will be an ongoing focus for the company as it continues to expand its lineup.

The next confirmed limited edition variation is another Sidus. This one will be a copper carbon fiber run. The Sidus Moon Glow and the standard Sidus are expected to show up with dealers soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Sidus