TOPS Brings Out Smaller Sequel to SXB Knife

TOPS just dropped the SXS, or Skullcrusher Xtreme Sidekick, a smaller companion knife to the full-sized SXB. The new knife is designed to accompany its bigger brother but also brings unique traits of its own to the table.

The original SXB had a whopping 9.38 blade length; the new SXS shrinks things down to a still sizable 5.25 inches. It maintains the same unmistakable blade shape, which combines two very different stretches of blade: a length of straight edge starts out from the guard, but then half way out swings out into a curving stretch of belly to the tip. The multiform blade shape means the SXS can be flexed into multiple roles as the situation permits. While it was designed and named to function as a secondary knife alongside the larger SXB, the SXS is well-suited to general camp and outdoor chores on its own. It comes with a sawtooth spine and a traction-coated 1095 carbon steel blade.

While the blade shape is carried through on the SXS, its handle has become a different entity altogether. On the SXB, we saw a lightly arced handle with a deep finger groove. SXS/SXB designer and Naked and Afraid alum EJ Snyder. gave the new knife a handle that is much more linear. Its nearly symmetrical shape fits its altered range of cutting chores. Instead of the topographical Rocky Mountain Tread on the SXB’s Micarta handles, the default SXS has textured and contoured scales, although the option to hit it with the 3D, topographical pattern is available. TOPS and Snyder outfitted the SXS with a Kydex sheath that comes ready for any sort of carry the user may want.

It has been a while since TOPS brought out any new releases; the last major release for their main lineup was the Quickie in February, although their series of kitchen knives have also started to appear on the market. The company may be planning to unveil more models at Blade Show in a couple weeks. Stay tuned to for all the latest announcements throughout the show.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS SXS