Real Steel Unveils Four Line Extensions

Real Steel is keeping the stream of special editions flowing with a double bill of line extensions. New versions of their H7 Snow Leopard folder and G-10 variants of the G3 folding puukko will be available by the end of the month.

H7 Snow Leopard
The RSK Snow Leopard outdoor folder emphasizes durability with a thick, heavy build. The two new variants, the Special Edition and Special Edition Free, refine the overall profile. Instead of G-10 scales over hefty steel liners, they sport thin, milled aluminum chassis. They remain heavy at around 6 oz. each, but the redesigned handles contribute to easier carry and a different in-hand experience. “The new aluminum handles give these H7s a fresher, thinner feel,” says RSK’s Frank Gong.

The Snow Leopard Special Edition comes with smoke gray aluminum scales and a thumb stud. The bronze anodized Special Edition Free (shown below) earns its designation because it is ‘free’ from thumb stud or flipper. Instead, users open it via an oversize nail mark cut into the blade. Gong says that the change in deployment doesn’t affect performance. “Although it needs two hands to open, it still maintains the overall coherence of the design.”

Real Steel Snow Leopard Special Edition Free

Real Steel is well-known for its love of secondary locks, and the Snow Leopards feature the Mutex Alpha Lock. Located in the frame itself, just above the lanyard hole, users actuate the Mutex Alpha by sliding it forward. Real Steel ships the new Snow Leopards with a lanyard attached, so that the secondary mechanism can be disengaged quicker. “We hope users can reap the benefits of this convenient and subtle lock, that only requires a tug of the lanyard,” Gong says. MSRP on the new Snow Leopards is $78.50

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G3 Light
RSK promised a G-10 version of their Ostap Hel-designed folding puukko, and they’ve delivered two with the G3 Light series. The stainless steel frame lock G3 proved to be one of RSK’s most popular models, but the new liner lock Light editions may overtake the original.

Without the associated bulk of stainless steel the Light models are just that, weighing 3.32 oz – more than an ounce and a half lighter than the standard G3. G-10 construction brings other advantages as well. “The all-steel G3 required a great deal of machining,” Gong explains. “The G3 Light requires half of this work, driving down production costs.” MSRP for the new G3 light is $74.50, compared to $105 for the original version. The G3 Light also implements a flat grind in place of the original’s Scandi.

Real Steel G3

Gong tells us to expect more colorations of the G3 Light, alongside the previously-promised fixed blade version of the G3. “At the moment the fixed blade is in the production phase, and it will be ready before Christmas.”

Knife featured in image: Real Steel Snow Leopard Special Edition

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