Smoke TS1 Signals More to Come from Boos Blades

Will Boos of Boos Blades is setting the course for his young company’s future with the Smoke TS1. He tells us his slender front flipper exemplifies the new Boos Blades business model and is a sign of more to come.

When Boos introduced the Smoke TS1 in August, the first batch sold out within 48 hours, and pre-orders for a second larger wave of knives is almost fully booked out. Boos learned that an endorsement from YouTuber Nick Shabazz goes a long way, but he tells us that defying the conventional ways that knives are usually sold is also a major driver of the success.

At a price of $199, the Smoke TS1 represents a great value when you consider its premium materials: anodized titanium scales and S35VN blade steel. Boos employed two strategies to hit his price. First, he chose to work with We Knife Co., the Chinese company with a track record of producing high-quality blades at the most competitive prices.

Boos also decided to employ a direct-to-consumer model that has proven fruitful for brands like SURVIVE!. By cutting out the middle man, Boos and his customers avoid retailer margins which can make up a significant portion of the price of a knife. “I wanted to get a really good design into people’s hands affordably,” he tells us. “The way I saw to do that was to go directly to the consumer.”

Ultimately, Boos plans on offering new designs in three price tiers. Entry-level configurations in G-10 and D2 steel will fetch $100. A premium-tier with the S35VN and titanium as seen on the Smoke TS-1 will maintain a $199 price tag. Finally, an ‘enthusiast level’ with exotic materials will go for $250 or more.

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Boos also confirms that plans for Smoke variations will follow. “The most likely thing will be a three-inch version,” he says. But before he returns to the popular front flipper, Boos wants his next big release, a redesign of his Aero model, out by December. “It’s a big revision,” he tells us. “I watched every YouTube video, every review online and tried to address every criticism.”

You can pre-order the Smoke TS1 now, direct from Boos Blades. The knife is expected to ship out by mid-November.

Knife featured in image: Boos Blades Smoke TS1

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