RMJ Tactical to Produce Tiny Tomahawk in Response to Social Media Buzz

RMJ Tactical fans, your voice has been heard. Though the release date is still unclear, the company has confirmed that they will be bringing a tiny tomahawk, dubbed the Bumblebee, into production. The Bumblebee was originally billed as a joke, with a disclaimer from RMJ stating they had no intention of manufacturing any more. But an overwhelmingly positive response on social media has transformed the Bumblebee from pet project to production reality.

Facebook Post that Sparked the Bumblebee

“I think we were all surprised by the response,” says Jonathan Carmack, Manufacturing Manager at RMJ. “We’ve been talking this morning to explore the possibilities for this project.” The Bumblebee will be made from AEB-L steel. To make it more practical, RMJ plans to take some of the sting out of the edge. The final product will likely feature a semi-sharpened ‘snag edge’ blade, like those found on many one piece multitools. Carmack says that customers can expect a price somewhere in the range of $40-50.

The tiny tomahawk was the result of what the company calls “Artistic R&D.” After plowing through a busy week with high production goals, employees were given some time last Friday to work on pet projects of their own.

Jonathan Taylor Holding his Bumblebee Tiny Tomahawk

The Bumblebee was made by Jonathan Taylor, a 19-year-old RMJ employee who normally works in bead-blasting operations. He shaped scrap metal found in the trash into a tomahawk bottle opener pendant for himself. RMJ posted it to social media a week later and the rest is history.

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“Any employee is allowed to explore their own ideas,” Carmack tells us. Company founder Ryan Johnson is the lead designer, but if an employee’s idea has potential, then it gets incorporated into the catalog. The Bumblebee isn’t the first time RMJ Tactical’s philosophy of encouraging creativity among its employees has resulted in a new product. Earlier this year the company debuted three new models all designed by RMJ Staff. Carmack says that given the incredible response from fans, the Bumblebee is ready to follow suit.

Featured in image: RMJ Tactical Bumblebee Tiny Tomahawk