This Knife Surgeon Can Transform Your Favorite Blade

Josh of Razor Edge Knives customizes his customers’ favorite blades with some intensive knife surgery. Operating out of Greenville, South Carolina, his part-time sharpening service has grown into a full-time sharpening, regrinding, and heavy-modding business that tailors production knives to their owners’ needs.

Mods are popular because they make a knife produced in the thousands feel one of a kind. “Most people like the idea of a production knife customized to their personal preferences,” Josh tells us. The growing avalanche of custom scales, anodization, and aftermarket parts is a testament to the market demand. But Razor Edge Knives takes things a step further: in addition to customizing the looks of a knife, they also customize its performance.

Regrinds are one of the shop’s most popular services. A production knife comes from the factory designed to perform certain cutting tasks. But sometimes a blade’s capabilities don’t line up with what the end user wants to do with the knife. Through careful grindwork, Razor Edge Knives can alter the performance characteristics of a knife. This kind of surgery is all about making the blade better for the user. “I can customize your favorite knife to the tasks that you actually do on a day-to-day basis,” Josh says.

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Regrinding is just the tip of the iceberg. Razor Edge Knives offers a variety of heavy mods in addition to his sharpening and grinding services. Josh can add serrations, create a fingerchoil, make jimping, even transform the blade shape entirely. The blades that cross the operating table at Razor Edge Knives look like nothing else out there: a Grayman Satu with a tanto blade, a ZT0560 with a skinner grind, and an XM-18 with serrations (shown below). The results are striking, but the philosophy is simple. “We look at a knife and ask, ‘What will make it functionally better?’” Josh tells us.

XM-18 With Serrations

Currently, the books at Razor Edge Knives are open. The path to a one-of-a-kind knife starts at about $60. Josh says that the turnaround time for most mods is about two weeks and a full regrind will take five weeks. A simple procedure like sharpening takes just 5-6 days, but according to Josh it can deliver lasting benefits. “You can maintain my edge for up to twelve months.”

Knife featured in image: Modded Strider SnG