Ruike Reveals Plans for Premium Models in 2019

Ruike is breaking out of its budget-friendly comfort zone to play with higher -end materials for a trio of premium releases later this year.

Two of the three models in this line are upgrades to existing designs: the 108 and 121. The third knife, the 875, appears to be a new design exclusive to the premium line.

Ruike knives tend to be made from stainless steel and/or G-10, with 14C28N being the maker’s primary choice for blade steel. The premium line makes obvious changes in these areas. The big upgrade consistent across all three releases is titanium in place of steel for the handles. According to Ruike, this actually answers two common requests from customers: nicer materials and lighter weight. Both the 121 and 108 weigh around 3.8 ounces – a significant reduction in weight compared to the original versions, which both tipped the scales at over 4 oz.

Ruike M121-TZ

Blade steel varies from model to model. The 875, a brand new design for the line, comes in N690Co, the 121 comes in S35VN, and the 108 comes in 154CM. The variance in steel means that prices will vary somewhat from model to model. “These knives will go for between $110 to $150, dependent on steel and the manufacturing process,” company rep Eva Xiao explains.

Ruike M108-TZ

“Although we ourselves have always been thinking about offering high-end knives since the middle of 2018, we didn’t do this because we needed time to make sure what we did wouldn’t compromise our brand positioning,” Xiao continues. She tells us that Ruike’s focus has always been on affordable knives that perform above their accessible price tags. In fact, that focus will not shift in general. “High-end knives are and will always be a relatively small proportion of RUIKE knives.” Xiao did advertise the likelihood of the line doubling in size before the end of the year, though. “There are probably still another three high-end models to be released later this year.”

Ruike says to expect the premium releases to be available by July or August.

Knife in Featured Image: Ruike M875-TZ