TOPS Shrinks Fieldcraft for Fans of Smaller Fixed Blades

TOPS didn’t bring any new models to Blade this year, but they didn’t let the biggest midyear show stop them from releasing the Fieldcraft 3.5 just ahead of the festivities. The Fieldcraft 3.5 is a smaller version of their well-loved, full-sized Fieldcraft model.

Any knife makers that have a popular product are going to hear requests for larger and/or smaller versions of their knife, and it was no different for TOPS and the Fieldcraft. The full-size model was not a huge fixed blade – its blade length is 4.5 inches – but the Fieldcraft 3.5 brings that number down 3.75 inches overall, with a cutting edge length of 3.6 inches. Interestingly, this makes the Fieldcraft 3.5 fixed blade smaller than the also much-requested Fieldcraft Folder.

Fans of the full-length original will recognize the characteristics of that knife preserved on the 3.5. The simple handle with its mild undulations is replicated, albeit somewhat thinner overall than that on its predecessors. The base of the full tang blade serves as a finger guard, and a bow drill hole has been milled into the handle scale.

The accurate reproduction continues with the blade. The modified Scandi grind and 1095 tool steel are also present and accounted for, and the adjusted size means that in addition to bushcraft chores the 3.5 may even be able to fill a role as an EDC fixed blade. The full-size Fieldcraft came with both leather and Kydex sheath options – for now the 3.5 is a Kydex-only knife.

The original Fieldcraft eventually saw a release in stainless 154CM steel; whether or not that’s something lined up for its little brother remains to be seen. Either way, with the addition of the 3.5, the Fieldcraft family might be the largest in TOPS’s lineup.

The Fieldcraft 3.5 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Fieldcraft 3.5