Shirogorov Brings on Dmitry Sinkevich for Latest Serialized Slicer

Dmitry Sinkevich is collaborating with another European knifemaking legend, Shirogorov, for the latest Shiro serial. It’s called the Bio, and evolves a custom Sinkevich piece while embellishing it with the high-end detailing that Shiro drops are known for.

Shirogorov rep Tom writes that the Bio gets its name exactly for the reasons you’d expect. “Dmitry drew inspiration from nature and the forms and shapes you meet out in the wild when he was drawing this model. The end result is a knife with matching lines and flow, a blade that is well-matched by the handle, and together they present a cohesive visual piece.” The Bio packs a drop point blade running to 3.74 inches long, which Tom points out puts it right in line with other recent serial Shirogorov knives like the Hati Gen. 3.

The stylized, organic swedge work gives the blade here an unconventional visual read; it almost comes across like a Persian or trailing point. But interpretation aside, Shiro positions the Bio as an all-purpose knife, and the blade – opened via flipper tab and running, of course, on Shirogorov’s famous MRBS pivot setup, which set the bar for high-end flipper performance years ago – looks well-suited slicing chores big and small. Blade steel is M398, the sequel/update to M390; we spoke about M398 in our article about the newest Spyderco Mule Team model, but the short version is, M398 makes some simple additions to the M390 formula to bring its edge retention up into the upper stratosphere of everyday carry and slicing steels.

The blade will of course be doing all the work, but it is in the Bio’s handle design and construction that we see all the mechanical perfectionism that Shirogorov is known for. A wave or wood grain-like pattern emanates from the pivot, which has been shaped to evoke flower petals, with each ring getting larger the further out it goes from that origin point. The pivot screw is the only hardware visible on the front side, with the other handle screw attached blind through the off-side scale. The backspacer, which stands proud from the handle itself, allows the Bio’s long blade to bury deep into the handle without exposing any live edge out of the back side.

Top to bottom: Light Bio, Dark Bio

Shirogorov is releasing the Bio in two colorations: light and dark. Recon1 ran the lottery for the light Bio on November 12th, while the dark Bio lottery happens this Saturday, November 19th.

Knife in Featured Image: Shirogorov Bio