SHOT 2019: Emerson Brings Six New Blades

Emerson Knives, Inc. has brought six new models to SHOT this year. Four folders and two fixed blades speak to EKI’s focus on utility and should definitely please any fans of the brand.

If the new Rendezvous looks familiar that’s because the Kershaw CQC-11K, released a few years ago, is based off this design. Now it’s available in full-fledged Emerson production form, with all of the familiar details: G-10, 154CM steel, and the Wave opener. Designed to emulate the skinner-style knives you might see a turn-of-the-19th-century outdoorsman carrying on a trek,the Rendezous’s standout skinner blade is 3.6 inches long, and available with either a stonewash or a black blade coating.

Market Skinner (Signature Series)
EKI’s latest Signature Series model (a series of unique, serial numbered designs) is the the Market Skinner, which looks like the Rendezvous with a tweaked blade shape. It also has about a half an inch bigger cutting edge than that knife, but other than its limited edition status very similar in make and application.

Overland Renegade Folder and Fixed Blade
The Renegade models were both drawn up in accordance with the needs of Navy SEALs, and as such prioritize simplicity, ruggedness, and clean blade shapes. Simple drop points are the name of the game here. The folder Renegade is right in line with the Emerson standard regarding blade length, measuring 3.6 inches long; meanwhile, the fixed blade model goes up to 4.3 inches, but both are made from G-10 and 154CM blade steel.

Emerson knives define themselves by their blades, and on the Appalachian the blade is a 3.7-inch trailing point, made from – you guessed it – 154CM steel, and sporting the thumb disk and Wave opener. The ergonomics, of course, have also been attended to, with a handle that begins to curve dramatically toward the butt-end creating a bracket for the hand, locking it into place during any sort of use.

The Emerson HUCK (Hard Use Camping Knife) lives up to its name. A 4.3 inch drop point blade, a little wider than the Emerson norm, helps it to become the kind of all-purpose camp knife, not specialized into any particular task but ready for anything. And EKI is sending the HUCK out into the world with a leather sheath to boot.

Knife in Featured image: Emerson Knives Rendezvous