SHOT 2019: KA-BAR Collaborates on New Flipper and Thrower

KA-BAR came to SHOT with a tight, focused run of new releases. We’ve already seen the historical Kephart fixed blade, which is making its widespread production debut this year, but two brand new models come in the form of a tactical flipper and an impressive and intimidating throwing knife. This will not be the last batch of new stuff from KA-BAR either; President Joseph Bradley tells us that the company, like many of its peers, will keep dropping models throughout the year and that we can expect an additional 12 – 15 products from KA-BAR in 2019.

TDI Flipper
This knife is the latest addition to KA-BAR’s Master Series, the same collaboration line that has produced such favorites as the Dozier Folding Hunter and the Jesse Jarosz folders. The flipper comes to us by way of John Benner, Founder of Ohio-based Tactical Defense Institute. The TDI Flipper lands in between the value-oriented Mark 98 and the more premium Jarosz Flipper, with G-10 scales and AUS-8 for the handle and blade materials. Benner made that blade a leaf-like drop point, calibrating it to open via a flipper and lock up with a frame lock.

ThunderHorse Thrower
KA-BAR teamed up with Hall of Fame knife thrower KJ Jones for this one, a big and bad carbon steel throwing knife. Not for the feint of heart, the Thrower is more than 15 inches in overall length and weighs quite a bit, about 1.25 lbs. The blade itself is a clip point, accented by a major swedge the runs about half the length of the 10.25-inch cutting edge. Naturally for a carbon steel KA-BAR, the particular formulation is the company’s well-loved 1095 Cro-Van.

Two Variations on Popular Products
KA-BAR is also adding to the variants on offer for two of its most popular products. The new Single Mark KA-BAR is the exact same knife as their flagship USMC fixed blade, but without the military stamp on the pile side. Additionally, KA-BAR is rolling out yet another coloration of its venerable Dozier Folding Hunter – this time with a deep red handle scale color and a coated blade. It’s good to see this classic budget knife line still getting expanded in 2019.

Knife in Featured image: KA-BAR TDI Flipper